Marmot Arroyo 30 Degree Down Bag

The new baffled construction on the Marmot Arroyo rocks! It’s a well designed bag which uses 800 fill. It’s rated a 30 degree – yet I tend to think you could use this at temperatures around 25 degrees.

The outside shell of the bag seems super tough as compared to other bags that seem as though they’ll tear right out of the box. The zipper is great as it’s fairly stiff, which promotes easy zipping by one hand and prevents those late-night snags.

The interior is very “silky” feeling and cozy.

The bag compresses well and can certainly be used for backpacking trips. For a 30 degree bag, it actually gets pretty small, especially if you end up using a smaller compression sack. It takes a bit more time to shove the bag into the sack, but the end size makes a smaller compression worth it.